Wellness And Fitness

Wellness and fitness app development

Everyone wants a healthy life but our busy schedule does not let us to do so. So here we are  with our apps to keep you fit and to track your daily intakes.

Our fitness app will change your life magically

Fitness is the major concern for our daily life specially in the corporate world as people spend their whole day by sitting on a chair and also they are unable to consistent for their workout routine. So, from there the idea of fitness app came into light. We provide you apps which will track your daily calories intakes, motivate you to do workout on time, etc.

Fitness apps

Our mobile fitness app has everything that a common person needs to keep himself in shape. It helps you to select a proper diet plan and workout according to your major concerns. It acts as a fitness coach and running assistant. It offers workout videos that a person can follow when he/she is at home or gym.

  • Exercise recommendations and tips according to your main area concerns
  • Receive fitness sessions curated by fitness experts
  • Alerts to keep you on time for your workouts
  • In-app running assistant and fitness coach which will help you to perform every work out like professionals

Strength Training Workouts

Strength training apps are the pro apps as they not only help you to gain more strength but also change your bad fat to muscles. It also help you to increase your stamina level.

  • Muscle enhancement to improve build
  • Lose weight and  gain strength
  • Cardio workouts for Fat burning
  • Yoga sessions to keep you calm and to lose weight

Activity Tracking app

Our activity tracking app keeps record of every of your single activity. We share real-time status for your push-ups, runs,  walks, and rides like speed, pace, route, elevation, and more. You can set your goals based on amount of calories to be burnt, steps, time, distance, etc.

  • Keep a record of every fitness activity you carried out
  • Track how far you are from your fitness goals
  • Connect over Bluetooth LE and GPS
  • Tracks distance you travelled and calories you burnt

Nutrition Apps

To stay fit it is really important to know what we eat and how much calories and nutritions are there in our food . Our app helps find you healthy foods in the grocery store and even track your daily calorie intake against how many you are burning.Our app guide you what to eat in how much amount.

  • Learn nutrition constituents in all food items
  • Follow a diet plan created by dietitian
  • Check your daily calorie intake so that you don’t go against your goal
  • Share your daily diet with your friend or dietician to feel motivated

Develop a fitness and wellness app with us with higher accuracy

  • Connect fitness devices over BLE and track distance with GPS

  • With this you can share data of your progress between the apps

  • Check and access your daily fitness data

  • It let you share your fitness data with your trainer and friends

  • You can get your own on-demand personal trainer at your premises

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