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How a video streaming app can help monetize your community – Bitibe Technologies

The changing content consumption patterns and online behavioral matrix suggest that the tendencies are fast shifting towards quicker ways of communication. Which brings you to the fact that the videos are increasingly being used across platforms allowing users to grab ever quicker, slicker and more fluid mode of communication. 

In this case study, we will understand how Bitibe technologies can help you enter the multi-channel communication domain and make the most of it by monetizing your video-sharing app. 

Project overview

THE WINNERS NETWORK® is a Nigerian company with the main operational base in Enugu City and fully registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria. Their flagship project known as Ewinnetwork is a video sharing solution (Website and Mobile Apps) that gives users the opportunity to monetize their video content and win amazing prizes too. 

The aim is to encourage the development of personal videos that can enlighten others, enrich learning, and give financial rewards to the makers of such videos. It encourages expertise in the art of video making and rewards excellence with a focus on supporting upcoming artists.

The EWINNETWORK platform thus promises to be one of the biggest African resource sites for advertisements and learning resources in a few years’ time. The popularity created within 6 months will define us as the major site to advertise your products in Nigeria. Our market share of Social media has the potential to be massive. The platform allows subscribers the opportunity to upload videos under 5 categories as follows

  • Entertainment
    Videos in this category can be videos of events, personal entertainment videos, Musical events, public shows, Drama, etc. People are also allowed to upload personal musical lyrics and entertaining dance styles. It’s all about entertaining others.
  • Comedy
    Videos that are aimed at making people laugh and be happy. It can be personal videos of a story or funny videos captured live by a subscriber. Upcoming artists are encouraged to make videos and upload for competitions. Massive prizes are available to encourage them to develop their talents.
  • Ireveal
    This is the premium section that allows videos that capture crime scenes or anything that will need a shout out to security agents. In addition to prizes won by subscribers based on viewership, any video that leads to successful prosecution will receive our mega prize. Our mega prize is massive and can only increase with time.
  • Hot News
    Subscribers can tell stories of recent events, interviews with great personalities, and share on the platform. Live videos of major breaking news items are allowed.
  • Learn
    This is the platform for sharing learning resources on any areas ranging from academic lectures, mentoring speeches, innovations, technologies, health awareness, nutrition, care of pets, discoveries, etc. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone that wants to monetize their vlogs.

Getting Started: Wireframes & Prototyping

Our first task was to create a new set of wireframes with the designs of how the app was going to look like. Next, we had to make the app’s video streaming concurrency time much higher for creating a smooth and swift streaming experience for users. 

Key Modules

  • User registration and login
  • Live video streaming
  • Real-time group chat or live comments
  • Subscriptions and push notifications 
  • Allow users to support the streamer by donating money.
  • Personal consultations can be offered as a premium feature for an additional cost. This can be one-on-one chats or closed user groups.
  • Analytics can be used to monitor users’ preferences, time spent on channels, clicks on ads, and various other data sets obtained from certain user actions.
  • The magic of WebRTC allows it to transmit audio and video between browsers in real-time with no downloads or plugins.

To Conclude

So if you want to build another Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, or YouTube, don’t focus on content, nor try to repeat the success of large online video companies. Instead, build a great online tech company that distributes video. Leverage the power of technology to make creativity shine with new colors, adding storytelling, emotional elements, and more. So don’t focus on content, provide tools for content creators.

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