Internet of Things

Bitibe Specialises in Internet of Things, providing IoT solutions and services across industries. We enable organizations to build applications using our IoT framework, develop IoT strategies, integrate with your existing landscape or implement a new IoT solution for your enterprise.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a new buzzword doing the rounds. It is here and it is real. As broadband Internet is becoming more widely available at a global level, the cost of connecting is decreasing, and now anything can be connected to the Internet. Every passing day, a number of devices are connected to each other with the help of Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them.

IoT includes machines, devices and things that communicate with people, with systems and with each other.

Internet of Things allows enterprises to hyper-connect people, processes and systems, thereby providing virtually endless opportunities. Our IoT solution enables a constant sharing of information between objects, along with the collation of various data points for meaningful analysis.

The Bitibe Advantage

  • High performing solution that leverages best of breed partner ecosystem.
  • Use of open industry leading standards
  • Flexible architecture that supports various patterns of connectivity

What we do

IoT Framework

Bitibe’s IoT framework facilitates vendors to adopt emerging IoT Technology and deploy it in the shortest time possible. With the help of Bitibe’s IoT Framework, vendors will be able to decrease the time it takes to develop products and services based on the Internet of Things. Bitibe’s IoT framework enriches products based on it to discover other devices, maintain connectivity, transmit data and manage that data intelligently. The IoT framework by Bitibe is built upon a secure foundation where security, identity and data permissions are given top priority.

Bitibe’s framework reduces the overall time to build IoT-enabled products by accelerating the development cycle which in turn reduces the time required to deploy the product and helps stimulate innovation.


Business Intelligence

Bitibe’s IoT framework will enable product vendors to greatly expand their capabilities and deal with the surplus amount of data which will be made available for analysis using IoT. This data can be used for varied organisations. The framework will allow companies to overcome significant barriers and realise benefits of big data.

Information Security

Bitibe understands the need for data and information security and takes appropriate measures to integrate it in its framework. The framework will allow vendors to manage security between interconnected devices in a hassle free manner. The security measures implemented in the framework utilises the best practises in the industry, thus allowing devices built on the framework to protect themselves against common exploits.

UI/UX Design

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices become ubiquitous, the problems that most product vendors will face is of a UI/UX design. Many of the IoT devices will lack screen or will not be used as frequently as other devices. This will present designers and vendors with a design challenge. Bitibe understands the diversity that the IoT devices will come with and owing to that has integrated UI elements in the framework. This will allow vendors to customise and build frameworks that will cater to their specific device and audience. The design element of the framework will help vendors and designers synchronise data and notifications across devices, which will help the user understand if the devices are communicating with each other.

Mobile Integration

Integration of IoT devices into Mobile is necessary as Mobile is one of the most progressive channels that excites businesses and consumers alike. Bitibe’s framework is well equipped to provide mobile integration, allowing vendors to make the devices more elegant and provide a centralised source of control to consumers. The framework will enable the vendor to streamline their different systems using mobile integration. The Mobile integration built into the framework will allow vendors to use mobiles GPS and geotagging for location based services along with other services that might not be built into the IoT devices intrinsically.

Embedded Systems

IoT devices require a rich set of wireless connectivity options along with network protocols to function optimally. Bitibe’s framework supports embedded systems where microcontroller or microprocessor are in place to execute certain dedicated tasks and forms a part of a larger system. These could be anything from an HVAC system to a system meant for managing engines or devices with general purpose MCUs. The framework helps vendor deliver feature-rich products with that are reliable, secure and resource effective. The frameworks empower software and device vendors to deliver IoT-enabled products in a safe, secure and elegant fashion.

Networking and Communication

The communication technology that you choose for the IoT-enabled device will have a direct impact on the device’s requirement and cost. As the market matures there will be a need for varied IoT devices, competing at different price points. Bitibe’s framework is meant to help build IoT devices that can be deployed in different industries and in varied ways. The framework is built to incorporate a wide variety of disparate communication technologies as no single networking technology can cover it all. From IoT devices that can be used in clothing to devices that will be used in houses, factories or in wearables, the framework will be used to build products that can be deployed in varied scenarios and markets.

IoT Integration

Today’s organization operates with data and business logic flowing in within the enterprise, in the cloud and at customer touchpoints using devices at the edge of the network. These devices often leave the organizational boundaries with new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating IoT devices with traditionally owned and cloud based enterprise data is becoming increasingly important for organizations to make sound business decisions. Bitibe provides IoT platform integration services to connect enterprise data across various nodes to create a holistic, contextual view of operational and user data.


Connecting Current Systems to IoT Devices

Intelligent enterprises are redefining their product offerings and customer experiences using IoT platform devices. From devices that stay on the edge of the enterprise – such as point-of-sale (POS) system and retail sensors – to devices that follow the customer home – such as medical devices and wearables – Bitibe can connect everything into one giant Integration of Everything (IoE). With such deep integration, companies can mine into the big data generated to understand customer preferences and alter product features or service delivery efficiently.

Customized IoT Solutions

Bitibe’s IoT framework is available to developers to build innumerable IoT platform based solutions. Using this flexible and scalable framework, Bitibe can create customized solutions for an organization’s precise needs. Bitibe’s customized solutions, based on our very own IoT framework reduces implementation risks and costs, and shortens time-to-market for IoT platform products.

IT/OT Convergence

Bitibe aims to bridge the technology misalignment between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) by providing solutions that integrate OT devices with an organization’s IT infrastructure. With the increasing commonalities in communication protocols, operating systems and event-driven architectures, the historical barriers to IO/OT convergence are now dissipating. Bitibe’s solutions for IT/OT convergence enable companies to:

  • reduce costs by being able to apply similar technology, standards, governance and controls for IT and OT,
  • address security risks more effectively due to the integrated approach, and
  • reduce time to market by shortening the time taken from design to manufacture of a product.

IoT Service Provider

Bitibe offers various IoT solutions to developers as well as enterprise solutions to customize and integrate IoT to the organization’s infrastructure. For enterprises that have just begun their foray into IoT, Bitibe provides end-to-end solutions to design, implement, secure, analyze data and enable decision support across the IoT infrastructure. Bitibe not only serves large organizations looking for rapid development of new ideas and products but also small, service or device focused businesses that recognize the need to create connected environments and products.


Designing the IoT Solution

At the beginning of any IoT or M2M project, it is important to identify the goals of the business and the key drivers for choosing to implement this technology solution. During the design phase, we analyze the customer’s internal Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) landscape. We also ascertain the client’s end state, including goals, key performance indicators, system capacity, minimum performance parameters, interface requirements, data capture points and other required features.

We then document the complete definition, architecture, design, and plan of the IoT platform, solution or product that fits the client’s needs.


Using Bitibe’s flexible IoT framework, we develop, test and deploy the IoT product. Our preferred deployment method is the agile methodology, which allows us to provide organizations with draft iterations so that enterprises can get a feel of how the solution will eventually work. Based on feedback from key stakeholders, we fine-tune the solution to our clients’ exact needs.

Clients are able to see and test from the following key features, among others:

  • end-to-end transaction flow from the cloud to the enterprise to the IoT device
  • settings and configurations
  • interfaces to ERP and CRM systems
  • workflows
  • user experience and user interface
  • alerts and notifications
  • reports generated
  • dashboards
  • IT/OT integration


IoT security starts right from protecting the privacy of customers’ data being generated through the device using device authentication to protection of data while in transit to the enterprise system using wireless communication. Our IoT solutions include alerts and notifications to address threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. We recognize that management responsibility for the various processes and devices within an IoT system may be varied and, therefore, provide flexible roles, responsibilities and workflows to address these variable circumstances.


Once the IoT system has been implemented, Bitibe provides support to ensure:

  • backup and continuity
  • managing system uptime
  • scaling up and scaling down of the solution
  • device software updates and upgrades
  • problems are forecasted before they happen, using historical data analysis
  • system diagnostics

IoT as a Service

The Internet of Things provide a great opportunity for businesses to capture the market by adding value to customer choices. The number of connected devices has been growing exponentially and is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020. Businesses require better frameworks to adopt to this rise. Bitibe’s IoT as a service facilitates your business to adopt IoT technology and deploy it in the shortest time possible. It provides a common infrastructure to obtain value from industrial topologies, enables uniform communication, security, analytics and management layers for heterogeneous IoT topologies. By using IoT as a service, you enrich your products to maintain connectivity, transmit data and manage them diligently.


Plug-and-play Protocol

Plug-and-play protocol enables IoT devices to receive data from smart devices using protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, etc. When a user plugs a device into the network, the device will acquire a TCP/IP address and notify the server about its presence. A uniform layer is provided for devices to plug to the platform.

Event Processing

Massive amounts of situation-aware sensors and devices are embedded in IoT environments, which produce large amounts of data continuously. Processing this data requires complex event processing platforms. Bitibe provides you with a framework that processes each query against real time data streams.

Cloud Storage

We provide cloud storage to store the data produced by IoT devices and the CEP engine for future processing. The cloud might be the only way to resolve the problems associated with the requirement to build two separate infrastructures to deal with storage, access and management of the data collected by IoT.

Scenario Testing

Scenario testing allows better integration into standard software development resulting in more robust applications. It is therefore necessary that scenario testing is done according to the best practices available. Bitibe’s framework provides this advantage by replaying events already processed by the CEP engine with the help of complex event processing platforms and dynamic programming languages. It recreates and tests scenarios based on historical data processed by the platform and dynamically detects Boolean conditions about the data produced by IoT devices.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics has rapidly became mainstream and is being seen as a requirement for organizations to become successful with IoT projects. Our framework provides model analytics and reports based on data produced by your IoT devices with the help of latest technologies available. It enables you to have real time intelligence against the data processed by the IoT platform.


As we know, the number IoT devices is growing and expected to cross all expected figures, security of critical and personal data becomes a big issue. Bitibe’s IoT framework encrypts and signs the data produced by your devices with the help of traditional data security libraries. It helps to prevent the unauthorized exchange of data between smart devices and systems.

IoT Training

IoT Technology is still quite new in the market and business teams are often unclear on how to tap its full potential. Biibe helps your team in understanding your IoT implementation’s potential by training them extensively about the specifics of the software we provide. We help organizations to stay in control of the system and hence achieve their targets faster.


Adding Devices

New devices would be added to the IoT platform as your business grows. For simple additions, we provide training for your team to enable you to connect new devices to the IoT platform easily.

Controlling Remotely

With the help of Biibe’s training, your team will also be able to control the IoT platform and devices remotely. This allows you to create alerts, set alarms and configure notifications as per your requirement.


Proper analysis of the data generated by your IoT devices is critical for reaping benefits of the IoT platform. Biibe trains your team to analyse the data you receive from innumerable IoT devices so that proper results can be obtained. Real-time analytics is given special attention as it can make a huge difference for your organization.

Scenario Testing

Scenario testing uses hypothetical situations to help your team work through complex problems or general testing of the system. Biibe gives your team specific training in using simulations to test the IoT platform for irregularities which might occur in the data patterns due to unavoidable reasons.


The data coming from IoT devices often contains personal information about your clients which, if leaked, could prove to be a cause of vexation. Biibe trains your team to use the IoT platform using various security configurations as per your organization’s policies.

IoT in Banking

Banks have been investing heavily in IoT technologies. Financial institutions have an average IoT banking budget of $117.4 million, about 0.4% of the revenue. Banks have always been quick in adapting new technologies. They have realized the potential of IoT banking in providing unimaginable levels of data and customer insights. IoT banking helps provide tailor-made services to your customers, extend suggestions and latest offers on a regular basis, based on their transaction trends. Bitibe helps you develop applications with IoT banking to estimate month-end balances for your customers, analyze spending patterns and provide savings, investment and financial planning suggestions.


Improved Operational Performance

People now have the opportunity to perform a lot of banking functions with the help of ATM machines and online / mobile banking applications. This has reduced the pressure on bank employees as they have to deal with fewer customers and can focus on other equally important processes. Bitibe’s IoT solutions take this performance graph further up in terms of efficiency and speed of operation.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Bitibe’s banking solutions help your customers have a hassle-free environment where they can take care of their banking needs. Most of the banking operations can be completed by customers with the help of smartphones. ATMs can also be used to collect withdrawal and banking data for all areas and better decisions for enhancement of services can be made more judiciously.

Tweaking Product Pricing

Bitibe’s IoT solutions help you track customer data across a plethora of devices. This data can be used to identify their spending habits and specifics about withdrawals and deposits. This information can be used by banks to tweak the pricing and reward programs of credit / debit cards and other services so that they are able to optimize their profits while making the customer feel more comfortable with their policies.

IoT in Insurance

IoT insurance is expected to fundamentally change what consumers know and how they interact among themselves and the insurers. Biibe’s IoT insurance solutions enable you to adapt to the disruptions of the market and be ready for business model and/or regulatory changes. Our IoT technology for the insurance industry helps you reimagine your digital strategy holistically.


Health Insurance

IoT is turning out to be a boon for the insurance sector. Wearable devices such as fitness bands are able to help people, especially the elderly, to track health details constantly. Insurance companies can tweak product pricing and reduce claims by collecting data from such health devices. Health insurance companies can also give a personal touch to their services by sharing health tips with policy holders through IoT devices.

Automobile Insurance

The connected automobile scenario is more mature in terms of technological evolution, insurance adoption and prominence. Most automobile manufacturers have already started to invest heavily in IoT. The data recorded by these devices can also help the insurance industry better evaluate risk and segment the policies according to the driver and car’s previous histories.

Home Insurance

Connected devices at home are very valuable in providing crucial data for home safety and risk management. The IoT devices can alert and educate homeowners and policyholders to adopt necessary measures for risk management to assess and reduce the potential loss events caused by common household accidents. Bitibe’s solutions can connect to devices and find out the reasons behind these accidents which will enable policymakers to design policies according to the risks involved with the particular house.

IoT in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has the advantage of having direct contact with customers who fully embrace new technology and demand innovation. Hence, automotive manufacturers have to be updated with the latest technologies. Bitibe uses innovative IoT automotive solutions to connect people, machines, vehicles, parts and services to streamline the flow of information, enable real time decisions and enhance automotive experiences. Most of the manufacturers have started to transform their business practices and have recognized that IoT automotive, in time, will touch nearly every area of operations and customer engagement.



IoT is going to be the driving engine of most of the innovation in the automotive sector in the next few years. New age sensors now can detect even the smallest shift in measurements and will be hugely responsible for tweaking out even the smallest of discrepancies in automotive designs. Fuel efficiency, engine and transmission design – the scope for innovation with the help of data provided by IoT devices is huge and is expected to create a great difference in the way people drive.

Production and Quality Assessment

Production and quality assessment is another area where IoT can help manufacturers a lot. IoT devices can help them optimize their processes and manage the quality of their products in a way that is efficient. They can help manufacturers check the longevity of parts and connect the parts easily. Tracking of inferior quality parts and sub-parts, and their replacement becomes better and more efficient.


IoT devices inside an automobile can help track down problems occurring in it, making it easier and quicker to find the solution to those problems. Data generated from such problem solving also helps the manufacturer by providing them a list of parts that require attention more than others. Manufacturers can hence identify the problems occurring in automobiles easily and provide better service to the customers.

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IoT in Retail

IoT technologies are being relied on by retailers to catch shoppers’ eyes and increase their sales in the process. The market for IoT retail solutions is slated to grow by approximately 20% in the coming year. The main reason for this increased demand is the digital signage as retailers seek new ways to keep their sales growing. Micro-processors and ubiquitous Internet connectivity has resulted in a technology transition in the retail world. Large number of IoT retail devices are being deployed and connected, and they have the ability to offer reports on various customer habits.


Inventory Tracking and Management

Bitibe provides you with the latest tools of IoT which help your retail business to track and communicate with products. RFID tags hold more information and can be identified easily by the system. They are able to send information about temperature, weather, damage to the object etc. GPS location can be built into products, so the exact location of every item can be known. This decreases the number of lost and stolen products to a great extent.

Consumer Engagement

The greatest advantage of IoT is that it provides retailers with insights into customer behaviour that enables them to engage their customers more by creating personalized experiences. As more customers interact with IoT enabled retailers, their expectations grow higher. Retailers need to keep up with the trend or risk losing out on customers.

Buyer Intelligence

Bitibe’s solutions for IoT retail help the buyer track their purchases and maintain a record overtime so they know exactly what to look for when they visit your store. RFID tags on products allow buyers to get to know about the placement of products, saving them from being stranded in the store looking for the products they want. This also helps build loyalty towards the store as the buyer’s valuable time is being saved.

Mobile Payments

Smartphones today have the ability to support transfer of money through mobile wallets and banking apps. Bitibe’s technology helps you possess the suitable tools to enable customers to make payments through their mobile devices in the most secure way possible.

Product Enhancements

IoT solutions by Bitibe enable you to track customer preferences and get familiar with their buying habits. This allows you to enhance your products according to the needs of consumers. You can tweak the products based on direct customer feedback (e.g. on social media) and indirect customer feedback (buying patterns across stores / geographies).

Customized Marketing

When you have large amounts of customer data at your disposal, you can use this data to pick out customer preferences and habits. As you are aware of their personal habits, you are able to offer customized marketing campaigns and suggest products to them that are in line with their preferences, resulting in a boost to your sales.