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The advent of Blockchain Technology has drawn the attention of many app development firms. Peerbits has attained the reputation by delivering exceptional blockchain app development solutions. Our team of elite Blockchain developers equipped with outstanding skillset will provide you with the desired solution.

Blockchain Development Services


Seamless Decentralized Exchange

We provide you a robust and hack-proof on web and Android and/or iOS platforms which will allow you to do real-time exchange of digital currencies in a very secure and efficient way.


Tokenization Solution

We provide you solutions with which you can tokenize any asset you want, ensuring efficiency, trust and transparency and that will lead to eliminate volatility and bring more liquidity to a wide range of assets.

Smart Contracts

We develop and deploy smart contract solutions for both public and private blockchain networks and allows the companies to work upon their ideas without any intervention of third party or anyone. We built dApps, smart contracts for blockchain  and crowdfunding supply chain solutions that assist in the reduction and automation of costs and tasks respectively


Blockchain IoT App Development

Our blockchain developers provide Blockchain Solutions for IoT firms which are secure and foolproof from all risks.


decentralized applications Development

 Our blockchain experts develop enterprise-grade decentralized applications that help our  clients to accelerate time to maximize ROI and market.



Wallet Development Solutions

With blockchain skills and knowledge, Bitibe has extended its mastery from cryptocurrencies to development of secure and stable wallet services that offer our clients the ability to check balance and track history.


Blockchain Technology Consulting

We provide you consulting solutions which will clear your path to know with why, how and what blockchain is suitable for your enterprise solution along with its capabilities to built trust and transparency.


Robust Custom Blockchain Solutions

Our blockchain app developers has expertise in multiple blockchain platforms which include Tron, EOS, Hyperledger, Corda and Stellar. For enterprises and startups we develop robust and scalable custom blockchain solutions.

What we do in Blockchain?

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchains technology is here to stay. It comes with many benefits which are common to many industries. These Path-breaking benefits will redefine the way we work. Below are some of them.


When any exchanges of goods are recorded on a blockchain, your firm end up with an audit trail that shows where an asset came from and each stop it made on its journey. This transaction data can help you to verify the authenticity of assets and prevent fraud.


Blockchain provides a much more secure environment than other record-keeping systems, which makes it very difficult for anyone to access any transaction data. It is considered to be a very highly secure system due to its digital signature and encryption.

Increased Efficiency and Speed

With blockchain transactions are processed way more faster than usual as there is no need to include payment systems, which reduce the cost and increases the processing speed and transaction efficiency.

Increased Efficiency and Speed
Reduced Cost

Blockchain remove the idea of third party to make guarantees  also it minimise your work to review humongous documentation to complete a trade as everyone will have permission access to a single, secure and immutable version which lead to cut down those extra expenses.

Reduced Cost

Through the use of blockchain technology transaction histories are becoming more transparent as all network participants share the same documentation and updated through consensus. Thus, all data on a blockchain is accurate and transparent than manual work.

Access Level

Blockchain provide users choices where they have to choose between public blockchain networks available for individual and the ones that require permission where each node should be authorized first for the user to enter for better experience.

Access Level

Blockchain Applications

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Blockchain Technology has outgrown its scope in a large number of fields. It can be used in many industries and fields as the benefits offered by it serves all of them. Below are few of the Blockchain applications.

Data management
Asset management
Real estate
Copyright and royalty
Social networks
Digital identity
Shipping and Logistics
Energy Trading
Ride-sharing services

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