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Bitibe Technologies Pvt Ltd Named a Top B2B Firm by! – Bitibe Technologies

In today’s market, businesses need to work harder than ever to distinguish themselves from global competitors. Here at B...

Bitibe School Management System
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The School Management System is not as tedious as before because many schools are managing their entire administrative a...

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How a video streaming app can help monetize your community – Bitibe Technologies

The changing content consumption patterns and online behavioral matrix suggest that the tendencies are fast shifting tow... (12)
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Best Practices for creating a custom B2C e-commerce platform for Kids – Bitibe Technologies

Shoppers want more than a transaction; customers don’t want another shopping website or an app. They want a deligh... (11)
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FlipGyan – Online Virtual Classroom are Need of the Hour in Today’s World – Bitibe Technologies

FlipGyan : Online Virtual Classroom and how it can help engage students and teacher to work under covid 19 Starting f... (9)
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School Management System

School Management System: Its impact and how to enable digital enablement in Schools and colleges. Our client is a w...

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Best Practices For Implementing ERP In Manufacturing Units — Bitibe Technologies

How viable is Implementing ERP in manufacturing industries? Best practices for choosing the right vendor. An Enterp...

Pratirakshak - Bitibe Hospital Management System
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Pratirakshak – Complete Health Care Solution – Bitibe Technologies

Manages all aspects Of Hospital Operation, Cost-Effectively! OVERVIEW We started working on a product to develop, ...

Bitibe FMS
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ML based Production Management – Bitibe Technologies

OVERVIEW We received a project to develop, Factory Management System. A tool that is specifically designed to streamline...