When VIT Bhopal came to us with the vision to design their official college website. We took the assignment with great zeal and excitement. Being a top engineering institute in India VIT has been a pioneer for providing world class education on emerging technologies and mentoring some of the brightest students.

Therefore designing a custom made website which allowed them flexibility and scalability and the freedom to manage the CMS on their own was a challenge. From functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, we applied a lot of effort to align the brand name to the legacy of the college. Creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website is no big deal but it doesn’t end there. Our Web developer and designers applied their thoughts and ideas together to develop a website that will be located by search engines, engage customers, and stimulate conversions.

Bitibe Technologies decided to choose WordPress as a platform apart from its wide range of utilizations, WordPress can prove to be very helpful, especially if you are one who is looking to provide online learning courses. It will enable VIT to build an eLearning website and spread their knowledge to a wider audience. The freedom, with which WordPress will let them have a website, that will enable them to make it feature-packed.

Here is a glimpse of the work we have completed under the decided scope:

  • Ease of customization :

WordPress is more than a CMS–it’s a powerful web development platform. WordPress websites can be fully customized–from the user-facing frontend to the admin level. Education organizations can make WordPress adapt easily to their needs. Web developers can add capabilities to WordPress or extend the existing capabilities, without hacking the core system.

  • Multi-site capabilities :

WordPress can easily power a network of websites using their multisite feature, which allows for the use of sub-domains, sub-directories, and domains within the network. VIT provides an ample amount of professional courses such as UG & PG courses in Mechanical, ECE, EEE, Specialization course on AI/M and much more. VIT wanted to develop multi sites for each branch or dept which would retain the same flow and framework of the main site. 

We provided a solution which allowed VIT Bhopal to centrally manage any number of sites that are different but related, including the institution’s main website, alumni portal, research website, admissions website, student portal, blog, and so on.

  • Mobile-friendly :

The ability to access the website on any device is a must in 2020. If your website is not optimized for mobile that’s going to turn off potential prospects. As rightly said , the first impression is the last impression. Responsive design makes it incredibly mobile-friendly and able to offer an optimal viewing experience on any device. This allows students, applicants, and alumni to interact with the site’s content from anywhere, ultimately supporting the school’s engagement, application, and e-learning objectives.

  • Identity Access Management (IAM):

Being a large institution with 100+ teaching and non teaching staff, it was an absolute necessity to provide user access management to various employees such as teacher, admin, students, non teaching staff, accounts to have different dashboard and features. 

With the help of WordPress it allowed VIT to easily manage user access on the site. Administrators can assign users to specific roles and tasks, including writing and editing posts, creating web pages, tagging, creating categories, moderating comments, managing plugins, managing themes, and overseeing other users.

  • Security:

Security is the most important attribute of any college or institution. Though WordPress itself is an extremely secure platform and is trusted by enterprises, companies, and universities around the world for its top-notch security. However, no CMS is completely safe, and educational institutions still need to take precautions to reduce their risk of a breach. 

Therefore, we recommend limiting access to the site to only vital users; only installing themes and plugins from trusted sources; keeping the system updated; using a secure hosting environment; and maintaining clones of the environment to safeguard against loss.

  • Search Engine Optimized

Some college-bound students are determined to attend one particular college or university. Most, however, only have a list of criteria like location, size, and available majors. Considering that there are more than 38,498 colleges and universities in India alone. So how can VIT get the attention and make VIT Bhopal stand out from the rest?

Optimizing your website is considered really important for generating traffic to your website. So here are some of the techniques we applied for ranking VIT Bhopal on search engines.

  • Creating unique content and pages for Individual degrees and programs. Admissions and application requirements
  • Introduction Video: Adding videos specifically helps increase your search engine results page (SERP) rank in a couple of ways: Increasing your click-through rates: Including video on your page drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs
  • Optimizing page URL’s
  • Targeting focused keywords, content around ideal audience
  • Highlighting individual programs

Website :