School management system is a cloud based solution which automates and streamlines daily task for teachers, staff and parents such as delivering lecturers, taking online exam, assigning tasks, attendance, staff management & report generation all under one shell.

Our school management system ensures standardised and effective school processes, cost & effort cutting , centralised process, greater accountability & decision making. Its best suited for institutions that want to switch from their legacy system that is either a combination of access, excel, word documents or schools that have outgrown their current commercial system and is no more flexible to address their changing needs.

Features & Functionalities

  • Pre-registration : Manage all enquiries and registration using online forms, capture personal information, contact and course details of students. Real time status updates & follow-up with automatic reminders. You can also track new inquiries and convert them without losing any lead with the help of analytics and reports.
  • Online registration & admission : Bitibe school management system enables students to submit online forms and application for a smooth and swift admission process. The system come along with individual instalment plans for students applying for courses. You can also create notifications using SMS Alerts, push notifications, and auto responders.
  • Visitor Management : A user friendly visitor management system with modern UI for recording and processing your visitors information. As the system is fully responsive your visitors can check policy documents, college guidelines on any device. Apart from that you can also take registration online / offline, capture image and print badge.
  • Complaint & Enquiry management : Whether it is a student or staff, no need to feel a hitch in raising your queries or complaints. Easy to use module allows you to configure the query pattern. With the help of SMS the users can create complaint and generate ticket and after resolving the problem update information and notify the ticket owner.
  • Courses & Section management : The task of this module is to assign courses to educators in school ERP software. It plans timetables and also assists faculties in the creation of a lesson plan. You can create lesson plan and courses in multiple sections, track course progress and student performance in real time. The courses can either be descriptive else you can also create audio / video lecture series and assign the same to particular class or section.
  • Student information system : Centrally store demographic and enrolment data of students in one place using SMS Send information alerts to students via email/SMS. The administrator and parents can acquire complete information about a specific peer. From the student’s entry information to the entry system, customers can rapidly attach, alter and display the information. It also includes a student profile with photographs, family and guardian details, built-in ID card, well-designed records and client search reports. Most of the school management system automatically produces student registration numbers.
  • Timetable Scheduling : Auto-generate timetables for different time periods to avoid conflicts Create timetables for various courses based on availability of faculty & classrooms, analyse faculty workload for various programs & subjects. Classroom-wise timetable setting and managing an institute schedule is a hard one. This module of classroom software leaves it simple to generate and keep a schedule for learners and educators.
  • ID card & certificate management : This module comes with different functionalities such as generating id card, admit card, teacher & employee id card. You can choose different color, choose different font style, logo of school and whatever you would need in your school ID card. Certificate management module is used for generating online certificate such as NOC, leaving certificate and other purposes. You can upload content as per your need in different sections, insert watermark or background image giving it a more personalized experience and thus saving time and money.
  • Attendance & Leave management : As the title indicates this functionality retains student participation. It can be via biometric, ID cards or through personal log. This involves in and out time and the leaves drawn. The same workflow applies for faculties and employees.
  • Examination & report card : Creating exam papers is one tough task for academic institutes. It includes the calculation of the validity of the test, the creation of query documents or explanation, the assignment of schools and the assessment of results. If you want to attach a timestamp for answering a question that is also possible. The system allows you to choose the mode of examination from MCQ type questions or descriptive. You can declare results / report card on a scoreboard or individually display results after the examination depending on how you want to present it.
  • Fee management : Fee management is one of the most important tasks that are done by a school on a regular basis. With the help of this module that the school are able to track of the fees that the students are paying.
    • This feature allows you to :
      • View Fees collected for a Specific section of a class.
      • At a glance get to view the cash, card, cheque, bank transfer, Advance amount or discount provided.
      • Month wise outstanding fee details.
      • Student wise outstanding fee particulars.
      • Online and Offline fee collection
      • Accept fee in instalments.
  • Library Management : The school management system comes along with Library management module. It helps to keep a register of the amount of books in the library, location of books, account management, the form of exchange, Barcode/QR code scanner integration for easy issue and returns date, the records subject to penalties. Dynamic reports empowers your school library to track key performance indicators for reliable decision-making.
  • Teachers Section : Customize teaching schedules and optimize class assignments to optimize faculty workload for courses and improve performance. Upload study material, video lectures, create test series in different formats such as descriptive / multiple choice. Assign them to particular class or section and track progress. provide feedback about the student’s growth and resolve questions raised by students through personal messaging module.
  • Email and SMS alert : One of the powerful module in Bitibe school management system is email, SMS alerts and push notifications on app. Which connects parents & students with school on a single click. Any important update, change in schedule, events, sending scheduled notifications on a recurring basis etc can be done easily.
  • Online Notice Board / Forum : Create & schedule upcoming events & announcements for users and groups using online Bitibe SMS. Instant discussion forum enables faculty to clear doubts and answer queries by students, image sharing and comment features to gather feedback on posts. This helps Parents, Student, Teacher get notifications of any new events or news added on the portal.
  • Dashboard & Reports : Bitibe SMS has an interactive dashboard helping you to monitor KPI for various aspects of your curriculum. The analytics dashboards for schools create reports which show the problem areas that affect enrolment numbers. The dashboard reports also show the most preferred courses, subjects, and, interests of the students. Get complete financial control with income & expenditure reports, generate reports to track attendance, leave, timetable, exam results, fee collection & dues, etc.
  • Transport Management : This module is one of the premium features for any school when it comes to student safety and transport management.
    • Some of the salient features are as follows :
      • GPS Enabled Buses
      • Bus Routes, Live Tracking
      • RFID enabled ID Cards
  • Dormitory Management : In order to meet the need of students’ accommodation.. Dormitory management is gradually becoming another important work of the school affairs. Therefore Dormitory management is one of the feature which allows you to keep track of the hostel rooms, members information, bed allocation, manage multiple room types and much more.
  • Human Resource Management : The need to apply Human resources management in schools is significantly recognised. Human resources in school are plenty. Hence, it becomes very important to effectively manage them.
    • Bitibe SMS comes along with following features:
      • Recruitment & Hiring
      • Compensation
      • Leave management
      • Complaint management.
  • Mobility Solution : Bitibe SMS comes along with mobile solution which allows students to keep themselves updated. It comes along with out of the box features such as : Exam tracker, Attendance, Academic Calendar, Fees management, Targeted push notifications, Transportation, subjects & personal messaging.


  • Interactive dashboard & reporting mechanism which helps in displaying information in a systemized manner.
  • Better control : standardization of processes and quick access to information brings better control overall.
  • Efficient work process : School management system can help you migrate from your paper based system and offer a dynamic platform for delivering course materials, manage record, inculcate communication by providing one to one communication between teachers, students & parents.
  • Multiple device support
  • Cost effective : SMS is a complete cloud based solution therefore zero investment on IT infrastructure. With the help you invoicing module, student attendane tracker you can reduce the amount of printing that you have to do as a school.
  • Ease of use : The interactive and modern UI of our SMS facilitate different users at school to manage operations efficiently without any technical assistance. Therefore delivering content, setting up exam / quiz becomes easy as 1,2,3.
  • Security : student data management is the most valuable asset for educational institutions and if not taken care might end up in worng hands or getting lost. This is one of the drawbacks of paper based system. But with the help of our SMS protecting student information of students, keeping track of their academic record etc has become much easier as it allows access to authorized personnel by providing roles based access. The system also allows you to take backup of your data which prevents loss of information.
  • Parents Access : Our SMS comes along with parents access this means that parents can track the progress made by their children. Also you can download the fees invoice, view exam results, attendance with compete ease and transparency without visiting the school.
  • Exam / Quiz Management : The system allows teachers to assign exams to students after each lecture or chapter. It comes alongs with configuring different exam types such as descriptive, MCQ and declare results either directly after exam in a graphical way or declare in a scoreboard.
  • Web presence : SMS comes along with a custom website builder module which allows schools to build there own website with all the modern features such as registration form, social media integration, notice board, Events & Gallery, staff and teachers information.
  • Notification : Get notified about upcoming events, maintain academic calendar, examination dates.

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