Multi Vendor Whatsapp Store is one of a kind market place. If you want to sell groceries with all the features of a well equipped e-commerce store Whatsapp store is the right platform to do so, it allows you to register yourself as a buyer / seller and easily start a transaction.

As a vendor you can create a profile register on a portal and upload products and sell them directly to your customers without any interference. The registration process takes only a few minutes and through that you can personally sell your products and allow your customers to keep track of the same. With the enterprise level payment processor and multi platform payment payment method. Whatsapp store allows your customers to choose the payment delivery method. Either through credit/debit card or COD. The multi-vendor eCommerce platform plays like a new sales channel to market and sells their goods/products.

If you are a buyer you can view the list of products available on the platform and choose by segregating products on the basis of quantity, quality, price & location. Whatsapp stores allow you to pay for the items you have purchased either online through card or cash on delivery all depending on the service provider. Real time updated data on the cost and availability of products makes it simpler for the customers to get the best deal.

If that’s not enough it is available on mobile as well. Therefore you can buy or sell groceries anytime and anywhere. For a swift user experience we have built the app very simple to install, convenient and  provides an intuitive user interface which is fast and secured, and also regularly updated. 

Whatsapp store allows any user to buy and also sell their products, and also includes all the necessary tools for managing the content of your store.

Why you should choose Multi Vendor whatsapp marketplace:

  • It has a modern, most convenient, simple, and intuitive interface even for an inexperienced person.
  • It allows absolutely anyone to open their own store without the interference of middle men. 
  • It has all the necessary tools for managing your online commerce, both for the Admin and for the Merchants
  • eCommerce marketplaces offer a direct buying process as factors like the availability of the stock, and the costs of the product are all open on a particular platform in an open atmosphere.
  • It provides better chances for suppliers and purchasers to build a new business relationship within and even beyond their supply chain.
  • Time limitations for selling across geographies is reduced due to the online marketplace software which runs round the clock.
  • Finally, it is safe, fast and regularly updated.

Payments Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • User Wallet
  • Cash on Delivery

Features List

  • Can be configured with any taxation system 
  • Bootstrap Based Responsive Design
  • Smooth and simple User Registration System
  • Social Login System
  • Product Review Adding System
  • Purchase by PayPal, Stripe & User Wallet, Cash on Delivery
  • Payment methods Disabling/Enabling system
  • User/Merchant blocking system
  • User/Merchant verification system
  • Merchant/Admin Dashboard Statistics
  • Powerful Admin Panel with BI reports and sales insight
  • Multi-Admin System
  • Multi Variations/Single Product Adding System
  • Merchant Earnings Payout System by PayPal.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Merchant Products Approval System
  • Category Adding System
  • Withdrawal Requests Management System
  • User Notifications System
  • User Wishlist System
  • User Chat/Messaging System
  • User/Customer Orders Management System
  • Order Cancellation & Refund System
  • User Wallet Management System
  • Currencies Adding and Management System