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GoodSam is a digital health-tech wearable company focusing on advanced bio-tech interaction and hardware-software integration. 

Bitibe’s scope of work included a full ground-up designing of the product, while keeping the overall look, size, and shape of the wearable device. And therefore a unique and personalised website which tells you the core values of the company was one of the important points.

Feature List

  • Responsive Designs : A responsive website changes the layout to offer an experience based on the device being used, especially ideal for mobile viewing.
  • Minimalist Flow : Minimalism has been on trend for the last few years in web design, and you can expect it to go even further. Minimalist design is more appealing for the wearable platform because it doesn’t overwhelm. Therefore we have given a sleek combination of texture, colours and elements without overdoing anything. Something which matches the attributes of their product. 
  • Intuitive Design : The easier your website is to use, the more people use it. An essential part of “easy to use” is intuitiveness. Intuitive design means that when a user sees it, they know exactly what to do. A clear, central call-to-action tells users to just get started without paying anything or even the risk of sharing financial information. There are no tricky, ambiguous T&Cs.
  • 360 degree design

End Result

  • Increase reach to consumers on all devices
  • Maintain a consistent user experience which increases retention
  • Consolidate analytics, tracking, and reporting
  • Decrease time and cost on-site content management

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