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The School Management System is not as tedious as before because many schools are managing their entire administrative activities using the best school management software. An efficient school management system has to keep all the players of the school connected as well as engaged.

We have accomplished advancements in school management software through “BITIBE SMS“, a unique software for schools which is an artificially intelligent system that can streamline the tedious administrative tasks and keep parents posted about their ward’s progress. It is the gen-next SMS, equipped with the latest technologies including data analytics, blockchain, IOT and machine learning to meet the modern day needs and to enhance the current Education System.

This application will be one of your pre-requisite these days for one who wants to manage information efficiently and most of all it is user-friendly.

Bitibe School Management System – School Made Simple

Increased Efficiency

Every institution is subjected to manage a tonne of student data. Maintaining piles of papers and bundles of records covering every student’s data, with accuracy is an undeniable headache, especially when the student count is going up every year. It’s not only a tedious process but also consumes a major chunk of their (teachers and staff) time which can easily be utilized to focus on teaching and taking up other important tasks. Instead of working for hours on random paperwork, it can be invested in a student’s academic or non-academic development.

We at BITIBE SMS get the drift and value your time. A school management system efficiently automates the workflow and streamlines the in-house processes of educational institutions, saving countless hours boosting their productivity to a great extent!

Efficient Home-School Engagement

Parental involvement and engagement play an indispensable role in a student’s progress. It’s even more important today as working parents might tend to lose touch with their child’s school life. This has a negative impact on the child’s academic and social performance, thus, is a serious cause of concern for parents and educators alike.

The parent-school communication app helps parents be abreast and collaborate with teachers seamlessly using their smart devices. Parents can track the child’s scholastic and co-scholastic performance, pay fees, share concerns and much more!

Student and Staff Data Security

Data security and concerns with regard to the same has been doing the rounds for a long time now. And, somehow, still, there is a risk for data theft or people losing/misplacing sensitive student information. With school management system embedded with cloud, educators no longer have anything to be apprehensive about. The cloud based management system collects, saves and retains the data at a centralised location, with role-based (staff) access preventing the possibility of data theft and hacking.

Enhanced Student Performance

It’s significant for students to perform well and get good grades consistently. A student’s performance is directly dependent on the learning environment. A positive and catered learning environment broadens a student’s horizons and contributes to their excellence in academics.

It’s only unfair to expect teachers to track a child’s performance individually when they are overburdened with other non-teaching tasks. To overcome this, Bitibe SMS is a one-stop solution.

Did you know?

Teachers spend 30%-40% of their time in non-teaching activities such as marking attendance, data entry, preparing timetables, and assigning homework.

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