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We started working on a product to develop, Hospital Management System. A tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of hospitals and Medical institutions. It should consist of various modules that help patients, doctor, admin and other staff in maintaining patient records, treatment history, and other essential patient and treatment related information along with all management related work.


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  • Complete project including website and android/iOS mobile app development
  • An inefficient filing system at Hospitals hindered healthcare workers who needed to be able to access patient records quickly and easily. Staff reverted to keeping paper records that were stored off-site. If a doctor or nurse needed to see them for a returning patient or if they were needed for a legal claim, then the file had to be physically retrieved from the archive and collected by courier; a time consuming process.
  • Fee Management
  • In and Out Patient  Management
  • Live Patient and Ambulance Tracking
  • Accounts Management
  • Treatment Management 
  • Make a Complete Hospital solution

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Creating such an application, for mass use with multiple users in different geographies was an uphill assignment which we met with due diligence from our technical minds. our technical minds have determined the solutions that can procure the above mentioned challenges. The solutions were:

  • To create a system to manage the complete day-to-day activities of the hospital.
  • Integrate Fees and Account Management
  • Integrate In and Out Patient Management
  • Provide a one-stop solution for all the needs of Hospital

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Designed and delivered by our technical team. We made it happen by building an elegant web-app with integration of android & iOS mobile application.
The Bitibe HMS is identified as the best way to meet the requirements and to garner a better understanding of doctors and patients and their needs. As it is an artificially intelligent Hospital Management System which is used to streamline tedious administrative tasks and to keep patients and their relatives posted about their progress. It is the gen-next HMS equipped with latest technologies including data analytics and machine learning to meet the modern day needs and to enhance the current Medical System.

Our system provides with relevant information in a timely manner helping to overcome some of the challenges the teams have encountered when working remotely.