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Best Practices for creating a custom B2C e-commerce platform for Kids – Bitibe Technologies

Shoppers want more than a transaction; customers don’t want another shopping website or an app. They want a delightful shopping experience

Till now we considered B2B and B2C as separate business models. The reason is simple- both have different marketing tactics for different targeted audiences. But, the advent of eCommerce B2B has simply filled the gap between them. Today, lines between B2B and B2C models in the eCommerce world are blurring at a fast pace and we used to believe that both are two sides of the same coin.

OTORCO is one such emerging toys and kids business in UAE. As our client was completely new to online shopping business we took this opportunity as a way to develop a long term opportunity to support our clients business. The client wanted to start off with a dedicated amount of products on the platform and slowly introduce new product categories to expand the product range. 

We understand that the increase in online shopping has occurred across virtually all sectors. However, there are some products which especially lend themselves to comparing and searching online for the best offer — such as toys, a traditionally expensive product. Shoppers want to give children the highest possible quality so as to contribute to their health, education and upbringing, but also find the cheapest price for these non-essential items.

Here are few recommendation which we want to share if you are setting up a B2C online shop :

1. A clear category structure is the most important element in a toys website, but it’s also useful to feature items or categories on the homepage to keep up with the times: a trend or toy that has become fashionable, products from a newly released film or children’s series, or items linked to seasons such as ‘back to school’.
As toy catalogs usually include many brands, your best strategy will be to rotate those products that are most searched and ordered by your customers, but also highlight your own products (if you offer them). By searching the relevant categories the adult buyer will find it easier to find toys by name, brand or collection, etc.

2. Include Technical Data :The most relevant data to include are the size and weight of the product and box, as well as the maximum weight supported by the toy if it’s a vehicle, swing, inflatable, etc. Some of the data which we made sure to include while uploading the product was Recommended age, Product images from different angles, price discount & offer, stock availability and return policies and safety warning, material used etc. 

3. Complementary content for online toy stores: Customized recommendations for toys increase the rate of conversion into sales. Using an algorithm you can display other products from related searches or that users have purchased. It is also useful to show complements like batteries, accessories, products of the same range (school supplies related to a backpack, furniture for a doll’s house, other sets of a Lego Box series, etc.

4. Mobile Ready: We always make sure that the website is optimized for mobile devices, as it is seen that if you provide a profound and swift shopping experience to your clients whether they are on a website or mobile it will definitely yield better results. Include provision for mobile SEO, For our client we’ve built a high-converting one-page mobile checkout that makes it easy for shoppers to make a purchase on any device. 

5. Make Room For Customer Feedback Mechanism: The toy industry is a relatively small industry. Those companies who think they can burn and pillage in order to make a quick buck don’t tend to last very long. You will need to keep selling to the same customers year after year, so your success is completely tied to their success. Therefore keep a steady feedback mechanism for the services, products and its quality that you are offering. 

6. REAL-TIME Inventory :You cannot afford to turn down a customer only because the product wasn’t in stock. A bad user experience is something which you want to avoid because once turned down it’s likely that the customer would visit your store again. For this we have integrated an inventory management system which notifies the admin if there is any shortage of product or is about to go out of stock. This makes the work of the site owner much easier allowing them to focus on sales instead of inventory management. 

Hope this paper will help you clear your thoughts and help you make that big move. If you need more information about how you can excel in the online shopping business feel free to get in touch with us.

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